Application Shipbuilding and Offshore Plants

Safety and stealth at sea

Controlling noise and vibration on ships and offshore structures can greatly improve personal comfort and operational safety. Typical areas of application for vibration isolation in shipbuilding include: 

  • Elastically-supported superstructures and wheelhouses
  • Machine control rooms
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Elastically suspended containers for living quarters on ships or offshore facilities 

Insulating spaces from loud areas of ships often requires substantial investment in vibration isolation systems. 

Other aggregates, such as motors and compressors, also frequently require vibration and structure-borne noise protection. This applies to all seafaring vessels, from freight to passenger ships, power barges to private yachts, and large offshore structures.

In addition to superior isolation, GERB spring-damper elements provide:

  • Endurance against high and low surrounding temperatures
  • Durability
  • Maintenance-free  

GERB offers a range of solutions to protect against vibrations for use in shipbuilding and offshore structures. Simple and double-elastic support can be implemented exactly like support systems with added damping.

Along with isolation mounts, GERB provides engineering, assembly, and inspections to solve your vibration problem. You can find our complete range of services here.

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