Application Seismic Protection

Earthquake Protection of Valuable Infrastructure

Many regions live with the constant threat of earthquakes. Machines, facilities, buildings, and bridges are damaged or destroyed and human lives are in danger. We develop and deliver technical solutions to protect against such forces of nature.

Our spring elements and absorbers are successfully deployed for protection against earthquakes. We have different solutions depending on the scope:

  • Base Control Systems (BCS) – assembly of the protection elements below the structure
  • Tuned Mass Control Systems (TMCS) – special mass damper systems
  • Systems to increase absorption for vulnerable buildings and other structures

The GERB Base Control System (BCS) for machines, facilities, and buildings distinguishes itself through special characteristics:

  • Passive earthquake protection, effective at all times without energy supply or impetus
  • Application of optimized spring elements and Viscodampers
  • Unique permanently tested 3-dimensional effective system
  • Long-lasting and practically maintenance-free system

For structures in earthquake areas, there are other protection systems in the form of GERB Tuned Mass Control Systems (TMCS). They offer the following advantages:

  • Passive earthquake protection, effective at all times without energy supply or impetus
  • Suitable for existing and new structures
  • Subsequent installation without damage to the building usage possible
  • Increase in structure absorption
  • Long-lasting and practically maintenance-free system

GERB delivers elastic support systems, engineering, assembly, and inspections to solve your vibration problem. You can find our complete range of services here.

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