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Assuring Safety and Reliability for the Power Industry

The elastic support of power plant machines has contributed to increased technical and economic advantages in power plant construction. Spring-damper support is “state of the art” today for turbines, coal mills, crushers, fans, condensers, boiler feed pumps, and other power plant machines.

Elastic support of turbines

The elastic support of turbine foundations was developed by GERB together with machine manufacturers. Today it is implemented worldwide for turbine generators of all sizes, including the latest generation 1700 MW turbines.

Advantages of spring support of turbines compared to fixed foundations include:

  • Dynamic decoupling of the machine carrier from the substructure
  • Clear reduction in base plate thickness
  • Larger clearance below the turbine for condensers and piping
  • Reduced construction time and costs
  • Protection of the turbine facilities against earthquakes
  • Possibility to offset subsoil subsidence at the level of the spring elements, also after commissioning

Elastic support of coal mills and crushers

Coal mills and all kind of crushers produce vibrations from operational loads, which can lead to disturbances, damages and interruptions to operations in the power plant.

Support via spring elements and Viscodampers® offers important advantages:

  • Reduced foundation dimensions compared to rigid foundations and thus reduction in foundation cost
  • Vibration protection for people, surrounding building parts and equipment
  • Improvement in operations behavior and reliability of the machines
  • Reduction of downtimes
  • Offset of subsoil subsidence after commissioning
  • Protection of the machines against earthquakes.

GERB provides elastic support systems, engineering, assembly and inspection to solve your vibration problem. You can find our complete range of services here.

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