Application Pipework Systems

Damping In All Directions From a Single Device

Reliability and durability of pipes are determined essentially by their dynamic properties. Dynamic stimuli occur in pipes both in normal operations as well as in cases of disturbance and damage. They can lead to undesirable vibrations and in some cases system failure.

To protect pipes and facility components, GERB Viscodampers® are implemented worldwide in power plant and facility construction.

GERB offers special pipework dampers for securing piping systems that provide the following technical advantages:

  • Simultaneous reduction of operational vibrations and impulsive movements
  • Effective in all spatial directions
  • Velocity-proportional (i.e. large resistance during shock loads, low resistance during slow movements Such as thermal expansion)
  • Low latency response
  • Maintenance-free and an effectively unlimited lifetime.
  • Can be implemented in modern piping programs in the planning phase

Approvals for different areas of application are available.

GERB provides elastic support systems, engineering, assembly, and inspections to solve your vibration problem.

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