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Our systems for vibration reduction consist predominantly of spring elements and Viscodampers®. For our spring elements, we have developed a variety of helical steel coil springs for different applications. Due in part to the linear behavior of our springs, our isolation elements are designed to be robust and utterly reliable.

Other technical advantages are:

  • Defined rigidity in vertical and horizontal directions
  • High elasticity
  • No difference between static and dynamic spring rigidity

The essential technical properties of Viscodampers® are:

  • Damping in all spatial directions
  • Reaction without time delay
  • Effective for small displacements

The properties of the individual components in GERB tuned mass dampers unite with high fatigue strength products to increase the structure attenuation for buildings, bridges, towers, and other large structures. Our tuned mass dampers are custom designed to meet your dynamic, spatial, and environmental requirements.

Our systems as a whole distinguish themselves through longevity, reliability and being maintenance-free.

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