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Why Tolerate Your Vibration Problem? Control It.

Forming machines produce vibrations, which can be unpleasant for both the neighbourhood as well as adjacent facilities or components. These are caused by high kinetic energy forging processes from forging hammers, forging presses, and screw presses. For cold forming, (e.g. servo, crank, or hydraulic presses) there are additional, higher frequencies that add to the noise and vibration emissions.

The direct spring support approach was developed in collaboration with the machine manufacturers and is state of the art worldwide. Thus the machines are erected without intermediate foundations directly on spring- Viscodamper® combinations. With specially developed spring- Viscodamper® combinations, vibrations in the surrounding areas can be reduced by up to 95% compared to a fixed foundation.

Direct spring support can also be used for protecting highly sensitive testing and tooling machines, which are often deployed near hammers and presses.

In addition to elastic support systems, GERB provides engineering, assembly, and on-site consultation to solve your vibration problem. You can find our complete range of services here.

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