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GERB USA has spring supported some of the most impressive forging and metal forming machinery in America. From the drop forging of hand tools and pressing of large crankshafts to the stamping of automotive components and electric motor laminations GERB press and hammer mounts have proven to be robust against wear and effective against vibration, foundation damage and machine misalignment.

Unlike traditional elastomeric “vibration absorbers” consisting of rubber that provide leveling features and vibration isolation of a limited range of frequencies, GERB pioneered the use of springs and viscous dampers. They provide isolation over a much broader low frequency range, have very predictable dynamic characteristics and implement highly tough spring steel.

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GERB USA has participated in the spring support of several buildings for the purpose of vibration isolation from rail. With over 120 buildings on GERB spring elements around the world, GERB can offer solutions that have been proven effective. GERB USA has also provided room-in-room solutions and floating floors for reverberant acoustics rooms and recording studios.

GERB USA is also an expert provider of Tuned Mass Dampers (TMDs) with projects throughout Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

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With the resurgence of Power Plant construction in the USA, GERB USA has worked closely with EPCs to come up with new and innovative ways to arrange power plant equipment in North America. We have already participated in the spring support of several large machines in American power plant projects.  GERB USA also continues to support the North American Power industry with the supply of piping system Viscodampers® at coal fired and nuclear power stations around the USA.

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